ZField Dual & ZField Mono – the innovative body shaping system of Zimmer AestheticDivision

„The High Energy Inductive Treatment” system ZField provides patients with a non-invasive opportunity of treatments for muscle growth.

ZField – enhanced success for non invasive body shaping

The ZField devices are also suitable to combine them with other treatments or applications for Body Contouring or Body Shaping. By combining different applications, full advantages of various processes can be taken.


ZField - the benefits

  • safe application
  • no down time
  • visible results
  • nearly painless

  • short treatment time
  • simple operation
  • wide range of possible patients
  • combined applications possible

ZField - Treatment Areas

ZField – easy and flexible to use

The ZField device series has pre-set protocols which allow the user a fast and safe performance of several treatments. The modern and easy menu navigation of the software also allows the user to create and save individual patient and treatment related protocols. All relevant treatment parameters can be set, saved and adjusted with just a few clicks. To fix the applicators on the treatment area we offer a special tape or a supporting arm.