• ZShape

    Delicate wrinkle care and body contouring

    Experience skin tightening with deep heat 

    ZShape is a next-generation radiofrequency device designed to deliver superior results with unparalleled patient comfort.

    RF energy effectively targets deep skin layers, prompting collagen fibers to contract, visibly rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.


    Application regions

    • Reducing winkles and fine lines

    • General shaping of your body areas like abdomen, tights and calves

    • Skin tightening after pregnancy

    • Wight reduction and bingo wings

    • Reducing of cellulite

Patient and practitioner benefits

Immediate results

The positive effects of reducing fine lines and wrinkles are typically visible to patients after their first treatment.


ZShape is a very comfortable treatment, even for people sensitive to pain. Patients feel a pleasant warm sensation and a gentle massaging effect from the vacuum.


Unlike many other treatments, ZShape is a completely non-invasive treatment method. No needles, just electrodes that glide gently over the skin.

No downtime

Patients can immediately return to work or attend their evening event directly after the treatment.

Minimal time commitment

Prior to therapy, a brief skin cleansing is all that‘s needed. No post-treatment care is required, reducing treatment time for both staff and patients.

New generation


The medium and large handpieces incorporate a vacuum function that stimulates metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and promotes lymphatic drainage effects.


Radio frequency (RF)

Surface and vacuum chamber electrodes ensure uniform delivery of RF energy across the entire treatment area, and to the optimal depth. The synergy of RF and Vacuum technologies boosts treatment success and patient satisfaction.

Maximum functionality for more comfort and safety

Each handpiece is equipped with an LED ring that informs you in a smart way.

Integrated coupling display

With optimal skin contact, the LED ring lights up constantly. If the coupling is insufficient, the LED ring flashes. For example, it signals that contact gel needs to be applied.

Integrated temperature display

blue LED = temperature is too low
green LED = ideal treatment temperature
orange LED = increased temperature

Integrated RF intensity control

The intensity of the transmitted radio frequency can be controlled directly on the handpiece. In combination with the smart LED ring, you can concentrate on your patient and do not have to make any settings on the display during treatment.

More highlights

  • Well-designed user interface with simple handling by touch or control dial
  • Customised settings for every need – 3 different frequencies for effective treatment
  • Constant vacuum or 3 different pulse modes
  • 10 different vacuum level

Scope of delivery

  • 3 different handpieces specially designed for specific areas of your body
  • 1 pack of filters (50 pieces)
  • 1 contact lotion

Technical Data

3 handpieces (small, medium, large)

3 different pulse modes

Vacuum level
0 – 10

RF intensity*
1 – 20 level
*Direct adjustment possible

1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz
*Italy 1 MHz


H 118 cm / W 57 cm / L 56 cm

30 kg

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