• ZStim

    New generation of muscle stimulation – Made in Germany

    Muscle building with electrotherapy

    Electrotherapy has been used successfully for many years to build muscle. A wide range of experience with customers and the development of new protocols have brought us to where we are now. And we proudly present our new muscle stimulation device ZStim with 8 channels.

    The 8 channels make it easy to treat several regions simultaneously for individualised treatment.


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ZStim – Define your own limit

ZStim provides the perfect treatment for each customer – whether you want to increase blood flow, form and tone your muscles, or really increase the volume of the muscles. A total of up to 16 electrodes can be operated simultaneously. This therapy offers a precise muscle treatment of several muscle groups at a time with a variety of protocols. In total, 15 pre-defined protocols are available in the unit.

The device comes with a remote control that can be handed over to the patient to test their own limits.


During treatment with ZStim, the electrodes are applied and controlled specifically in the desired application areas. Multiple regions can be treated at a time. For each region, the user can choose between protocols that are all specifically defined.

  • The therapy lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and is very pleasant.
  • By placing the electrodes, the muscles can be controlled very precisely.
  • The therapy activates and builds up muscles in a completely relaxed manner.
  • Depending on the patient, between 6 and 10 treatments are recommended to achieve the desired result.
  • The electrodes should be placed correctly in order to stimulate the muscle in the best possible way.

Scope of delivery

  • 8 trunk cable
  • 8 electrode twist cable
  • 8 clips red
  • 8 clips black
  • Remote control for customised control
  • 1 package single-use electrodes, round 56 mm (160 pieces)
  • 1 package single-use electrodes, rectangle 56 x 125 mm (80 pieces)


Benefits for your practice

  • Easy and quick treatment of several regions simultaneously
  • Compact design
  • Mainly unsupervised treatment
  • Easy to use – intuitive user interface with electrode guidance
  • Expert mode for more precise treatment – control of each channel

Benefits for patients

  • Better results – intensity can be adjusted by the patient themselves
  • Quick treatment (multiple regions can be treated simultaneously in one session)
  • Precise treatment – 15 different protocols and expert mode

What is electrotherapy?

In electrotherapy, a current is introduced into the cell via direct skin contact. An action potential is triggered, which leads to a depolarisation of the cell. This results in muscle contraction.

Technical Data

8 channels (16 electrodes)

LCD touch screen

3-65 Hz

Biphasic and middle frequency

0-50 mA (non-medical)

Treatment protocols
15 pre-defined protocols
Individual programmes for abdominals, legs and buttocks with 5 training levels each for beginners to advanced users

Expert mode
Control over all 8 channels

Remote control

Intuitive software with electrode guidance

H 123 cm x W 76 cm x L 76 cm

45 kg